Green Routes Round Up

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Doesn’t seem that long ago that I did the last update!

The group have been incredibly busy with a large range of tasks across the Crieff Area.

This has included getting stuck in the MacRosty Park Lade removing burrweed.

Removing the Burrweed from MacRosty Park Lade

Burweed is a aquatic plant which has a rhizome. This Rhizome means that the roots are interconnected and the plants are one organism, this allows it to be incredibly successful in spreading and it had begun to take over within the lade and needed to be removed. Fortunately it pulls out quite easy and the group managed to get through a large chunk of it in a couple of days!

The group have also been managing the Soroptimists’ bed in MacRosty Park as a thank you to them for their kind donation last year. They weeded the bed completely and then planted with some plants and bulbs in the colour scheme of the Soroptomists.


The group last week were up the Knock carrying out Heathland Management. This involves removing tree saplings and scrub to protect the important heathland habitat and stop natural succession.

Removing saplings and scrub from the heathland

The group are starting to look at what we would like to do in the new year with a focus on The Knock, Lady  Mary’s and the core path network



Himalayan Balsam Pulling

Recently the Green Routes group have been doing a lot of Himalayan Balsam pulling.

Himalayan Balsam Plant with seeds ready to pop


Himalayan Balsam is a Non-Native Invasive Species brought over in 1839 by the Victorians along with Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed. It is illegal to plant it or introduce it in the wild. The plant  in its native habitat is not invasive and is only found in small pockets. Each plant can release up to 2500 seeds with each seed producing a new plant. It is quite easy to pull out and this is the method that is recommended as best practice.

The group have been pulling it out along Lady Mary’s Walk to try and prevent it from encroaching on to our neighbours land and looking to contain and control it within the site. We know we will never be able to remove it completely from the site without a catchment based approach involving multiple partners so we are trying to reduce the amount from the site.

It is important to remove it as it shrouds out other plants and also is only useful to some pollinators to take nectar from we need to have lots of different plants of different sizes to support all pollinators.

This year the group have removed an estimated 15000 plants but there is still around 20000 potentially left. We have focused on the areas that are likely cause more spread and left a “Frontier” to work on next year.

Sifting through the Jungle removing Balsam.

The group have really enjoyed spending time down Lady Mary’s and seeing lots of wildlife on and around the river.

If you would like to come along to the group please contact the local Greenspace Ranger – Alan Dorman – or 01764 657711

Green Routes to Wellbeing(more than) Monthly Round Up

Some Drainage work at Lady Mary’s

The group have been busy as always  this month. Starting to get in to the summer season which is the season of Balsam and Bracken Bashing at Lady Mary’s and The Knock respectively and maintaining the beds at MacRosty Park. Although this isn’t all the group have been doing of course!


Weeding the Soroptimists bed


The group weeded and cleared the Soroptimists bed within MacRosty as a thank you for their fundraising efforts on behalf of the group.

The petal beds within MacRosty near the Pavilion were to be replanted and the group assisted with first weeding and then planting the beds alongside our horticulture trainee and infrastructure team.

The group have been down Lady Mary’s a few times too we have been looing and learning about

Replanting the Petal Beds at MacRosty

the wildlife whilst also carrying out a litter pick, some drainage work and tubing some trees for protection. We seen lots of different things including common sandpiper, dippers and goosander!


There is still lots of work to do and the group will be very busy over the next few months!

Green Routes Round Up

The group have had a busy November with lots of different and varied activities going on.

The group have been weeding some of the beds at MacRosty to make them look fantastic for the winter. The beds are due to be completely refurbished but they were in a poor state of maintenance so the group took on the monumental task to get them looking presentable until that work could be completed

Weeding the Petal Beds at MacRosty Park

They have been carrying out some drainage work at Lady Mary’s clearing all the ditches and culverts of mud to make sure there flowing and that the paths don’t get flooded.

Cutting Back Saplings



They have been busy up the Knock too! The Knock is one of the groups favourite sites and they love the mix of being in a woodland and experiencing some fantastic views. They have popping and cutting broom and other saplings off of the Knock to try and keep the path access clear.




They also have been clearing some ditches and run offs up the Knock its important to keep the ditches and runoffs clear as they ensure that paths don’t become muddy or flooded.



Clearing the Drainage up the Knock

This week the group are going to be in MacRosty Park and we will be having a big tool store tidy up! This will involve removing all the vegetation stored at the back of the shed.

For more information please Contact Us


Popping all over the Park!

This Thursday (19th October) the Green Routes Group were in MacRosty Park ‘popping’ Broom beside the Turret Burn.   The group were using three tree poppers (see here for more info) to remove the broom at the root without disturbing the ground.  You can see from the photos below that a large section of Broom was removed and that there was healthy competition as to who could pull the biggest root!

What a root!
‘mine is bigger!’
The bundle of Broom removed (BRILLIANT)

The group are meeting again next Thursday 1pm @ MacRosty Park car park, to do more great work in and around Crieff.  Please contact us if you wish to join us!

Green Routes to Well Weeded!

We have been very busy in MacRosty Park over the summer.  As we have had such a good weed growing year (wet and warm!) the beds were looking a wee bit more weedy than they normally do… we took to tackling over a few sessions.

We hope the photos below show how busy we have been and what a difference we have made!





If you would like to get involved with Green Routes to Wellbeing please use our form to contact us direct Contact

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of MacRosty Park, please visit their website and contact them direct here